Training Academy

Carving the Base Capital

As a company with many years’ experience in the area of Conservation and Restoration, we see and understand the importance of the training of best practice. Therefore, we have set out in designing a suite of training courses which will provide professionals in the area with tried and trusted techniques and skills which they can carry with them to future projects they may find themselves part of.

Our suite of training courses focuses on key areas of stone conservation and restoration such as:

  • lime pointing
  • stone repair
  • stone rebuild
  • stone carving
  • stone cleaning

Again, from our many years’ experience working with various stone structures, we have the ability to personalise each training course to suit our Clients and the specific work that they will be performing. Therefore, we do not only offer a generic theory and practice course, but a job specific training course which will hopefully lead to exceptional work being carried out on our built heritage.

The primary goal of our Training Academy at Irish Natural Stone is the successful training of construction professionals and the development of their competency in the area of conservation and restoration.

Conservation & Restoration of Historic Stone Structures

This type of training is typically for construction professionals who wish to improve their knowledge of best practice in relation to the conservation and restoration of the masonry-built environment.

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Workshop Based Training

Workshop Based Training is typically for individuals or groups of construction workers. It has been designed to be delivered in specific training centres that provide dedicated classrooms and various practice models that cover demonstrations and hands-on work.

Photograph by Eamon Ward
Bespoke Training Courses

At Irish Natural Stone, we are fully aware that the construction industry is a diverse sector, and that not all prescribed training courses suit all involved. Therefore, we work directly with our Clients, to arrange tailor made training courses that meet the specific needs of our Clients.

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